For more than 80% of families, today’s medical billing practices are confusing. They get so many statements that they don’t know who to pay or how much they owe, and often take longer to pay their bills as a result.

Additionally, 39% of Americans say that they wouldn’t be able to pay a surprise $400 bill — and for that reason, many Americans go without needed medical care because they simply can’t afford it.

At HPS, our goal is to improve the health care experience for the patient by making medical bill payments less stressful. We provide a simple one-statement billing experience and low- or no-interest payment plans to help patients easily afford to pay their medical expenses over time. In Wisconsin, that’s all made possible by our comprehensive independent health care provider network.

The HPS Difference

To accomplish our mission, we work closely with multiple stakeholders within the health care arena: employers, individuals, brokers, third-party administrators (TPAs) and providers.

Our broad independent provider network and consumer financial wellness tools help insurance brokers deliver enormous value and cost savings to their self-funded employer clients while simplifying the health care experience for the employees.

Meanwhile, HPS helps health care providers keep their focus where it matters — on patient care — by paying the provider directly and handling billing and collections. There’s less friction between the provider and patients because HPS assumes responsibility for patient debt and providers get paid faster.

Employers are able to save money on health care and still offer a competitive benefits plan to their employees. And with our SuperEOB, employees get just one credit card-like medical bill each month, no matter how many providers an individual or family sees, bringing more clarity on what they owe and less stress and confusion around billing.

At HPS, our goal is to:

  • Improve the healthcare experience for the patient
  • Make it easier for employers to offer quality benefits on a budget
  • Help providers get paid faster and focus more on patient care
  • Support insurance brokers in providing the best solutions to their clients

The health care system is broken. At HPS we have a vision for how to fix it, starting with a better healthcare payment and reimbursement system. We simplify billing and lower costs for everyone involved in healthcare and offer various ways for individuals to pay, without breaking the bank.

To learn more about what HPS can do for you, contact us.

For additional information on the SuperEOB and HPS, listen to the July edition of NOVO Live – The Podcast featuring HPS’s Terry Rowinski.

Tina Snortum-Sergent

Tina Snortum-Sergent

Tina Snortum-Sergent is the VP of Client Engagement for Health Payment Systems.

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