Ken Schmidt has been to the precipice of corporate disaster.

The former director of communications for Harley Davidson was part of the team tasked with saving the company from complete failure in the early 1980s. Not only did they succeed, but they also re-established Harley-David- son as a marquee brand with a loyal following around the globe.

Ken Schmidt

Schmidt will share tales of that adventure, as well as key lessons for engaging employees, customers and other key stakeholders to achieve success when he delivers the keynote address at NOVO Health’s 2022 live event.

NOVO Health’s annual event brings the NOVO Health community together to celebrate success and share knowledge to tackle new challenges. Schmidt’s experiences are a natural fit for the event.

NOVO Live – The Event is scheduled for May 13, 2022, at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wis. Save the date now and watch for additional information from NOVO Health.

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Small business health insurance programs survive — for now

It’s always been a tough task for small businesses to provide health insurance to their employees. Costs, regulations and the lack of scale create unique challenges. Yet, many remain committed to the cause. Then the pandemic hit, and many feared for the worst.

A new study shows those worries were premature — at least for now. According to a recently released study from Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reform, the pandemic has so far not disrupted coverage rates or benefits in the small group market.

Yet, they also found troubling signs employers have begun turning to non-ACA compliant options to keep insurance affordable.

Other findings include:

  • There were few coverage issues identified associated with COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccinations, while enhanced telehealth coverage was welcomed by employers.
  • Many small employers remain reluctant to shift their employees to the individual market because of concerns related to narrow networks, age-rated premiums, and high-cost sharing.
  • Many small businesses were able to keep their benefits plan intact because of federal and state assistance during the pandemic. As that support expires, the market could dramatically change.

Middlin’ in the middle

Wisconsin continues its middle of the pack run in the latest rank-ings of Best and Worst States for Health Care.

In the latest rankings — this one done by the personal finance site WalletHub — Wisconsin ranks 25th out of the 50 states plus Washington D.C. Wisconsin does well for Access, 20th, and Outcomes, 13th, but suffers from a 43rd place ranking for cost.

The top five:

  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Minnesota
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland

The bottom five:

  • North Carolina
  • Mississippi
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama

Health care by the numbers

Wealthy countries, including the U.S., tend to spend more per person on health care and related expenses than lower-income countries. Even as a high-income country, the U.S. spends more per person on health than com- parable countries.

Comparing health spending in the U.S. to other countries is complicated, as each country has unique political, economic, and social attributes that contribute to its spending. The average amount spent on health per person in comparable countries ($5,697) is half that of the U.S. ($10,966).

In the U.S., most adults (88%) have health insurance, and the majority (85% of adults) also report their health as at least good. Adults in worse health (reported as fair or poor health status), and the uninsured are much more likely than others to delay or forgo health care due to costs.

Most Americans do not report cost-related access barriers to health care. Still, a substantial portion of the population – about one in every ten adults (10.5%) – said that they either delayed or did not receive medical care due to cost reasons in 2019.

The race is on!

The Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI) is once again a proud sponsor of the Community First Fox Cities Marathon Festival of Races on September 17-19.

OSI sponsors the Relay Marathon and Race Medical Di- rector Dr. Mark Westfall. Plus, OSI employees have a strong volunteer presence on the course and finish line, as well as a large contingent of employees taking part in the races.

“We are excited to be a part of bringing the marathon back and wish everyone a fun and safe race in 2021,” said OSI CEO Curt Kubiak. “Partnering with the marathon is a direct way to live our mission of helping our community live healthier lives.” To meet the needs of race participants, Westfall and his team incorporate best practices established by the International Institute for Race Medicine. He has also visited Boston,

Chicago, Walt Disney World and race sites around the country to observe onsite medical teams in action.

“Our goal is to provide the same type of care at the Fox Cities Marathon as one would get in Boston or New York,” said Westfall. “By connecting with medical coordinators both nationally and internationally, we can share ideas and innovations that make our races here as safe as they can be. We’re ready to go!” The 2021 weekend of events will be the last for Westfall, who has promised his wife and children that he will attend most — if not all — of his grandchildren’s activities.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 17, 2021

  • 5:45 p.m. Guardian Kids Fun Run Mini Dash Begins
    • (6 and under) (Fox Cities Stadium) 6:30 p.m.
    • Guardian Kids Fun Run 1/4 mile Race Begins (Fox Cities Stadium)
  • 7:00 p.m. Guardian Kids Fun Run
    • 1/2 mile Race Begins (Fox Cities Stadium)

SATURDAY, SEPT. 18, 2021

  • 9:00 a.m. SCHEELS 10K Run/Walk and Ascension 5K Run/Walk start (Riverside Park, Wisconsin Avenue – Neenah)

SUNDAY, SEPT. 19, 2021

  • 6:55 a.m. Community First Fox Cities Marathon Wheelchair Start
  • 7:00 a.m. Community First Fox Cities Marathon, ThedaCare Half Marathon Start (Open Division), Orthopedic & Sports Institute Relay Marathon
  • 7:05 a.m. ThedaCare Half Marathon Start (Competitive Walk Division)
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