What a difference a few weeks can make. That statement itself belies the scale of the changes that have taken place in Wisconsin, the country and the world since mid-March. For now, COVID-19 has changed everything, from how we go to school, how we work and even how we interact with and consume health care. The issues I wrote about in this column last issue seem so distant, yet it was just two months ago. Life is different. Whether this is the new normal remains to be seen.

As we all work to right our personal lives, ramp up or restart our businesses and strive to fire up the economic engine, we do so knowing there are hurdles ahead. The virus is still out there, and we don’t know if it may still interrupt our lives. Like any other challenge, new opportunities to do things different and better also emerge. It’s a chance to retool, evaluate what we have learned and apply it to our business practices so we can emerge from the crisis smarter and stronger than before.

Here at NOVO Health, we see some great opportunities going forward. One of the first is an opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge of our partners to provide the expertise you need to travel the uncertain road ahead. Our partners represent top practitioners in law, accounting and business consulting, finance and even construction, as well as our own expertise in health care.

You have questions about the best way to re-open while protecting not only your own health, but the health of your workforce, the business and the community. Built around the premise of succeeding in a COVID-19 world, the webinars will provide needed guidance to reopen your business, manage the regulatory environment and access health care for you and your employees.

It’s an opportunity for the greater community to access some much-needed advice. It’s also an opportunity for NOVO Health to build out the larger community announced during the 2019 annual conference. Truly, it’s the local business community banding together to find solutions to common challenges.

When it comes to finding solutions, our cover story this issue delves into a company that has come up with a truly unique solution to a problem we don’t always think enough about — how to get healthy food into our diets. Fork Farms, founded by opera singer turned inventor Alex Tyink, has created some great tech- nology that does just that. The company’s hydroponic growing systems are simple to use and maintain and are sprouting up all over the country (see page 12).

It’s a great story of a solution developed here in the heartland that addresses a much broader need. That’s what the NOVO Community is all about and we are excited the share the news with you.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

Editor/Publisher NOVO Live, Public Relations Manager, NOVO Health, (920) 851-1170, sean.johnson@novohealth.com

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