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NOVO Health

Meet Our Team

The NOVO Health team.

Team Member Headshot of Angela for NOVO Health

Angela Rust

Chief Legal Officer and Strategy Implementation

Angela prepares and maintains the contracts through which NOVO providers coordinate and deliver services to employers and other payers, providing legal and regulatory analysis to assure statutory compliance. She also works closely with other members of NOVO’s leadership team to identify and implement strategic projects.
Team Member Headshot of Aaron for NOVO Health

Aaron Bleier

Director of Finance

Aaron has spearheaded the development of numerous cost-saving innovations, among them surgical price bundles. His background includes 8 years of experience with Plexus, an electronics manufacturing company where he held various finance positions.
Team Member Headshot of Sandi for NOVO Health

Sandi Rochon

Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Sandi is responsible for quality, credentialing, and strategic operations. With her background in clinical service line management she provides guidance for the development of integrated team-based care initiatives.
Team Member Headshot of Teri for NOVO Health

Teri Jones

Care Coordinator

Teri navigates the journey for all employee patients whose employers have a Direct Contract relationship with NOVO Health. As liaison and advocate, Teri’s job is to review options, answer questions, and assist in appointment scheduling to ensure each patient has an exceptional experience.

Curt Kubiak


Curt is co-founder and CEO of NOVO Health. His previous experience in the manufacturing and product realization industry brings a unique perspective on efficiency and process improvement to the delivery of healthcare.

Matt Knight

Vice President Employer Engagement

Matt partners with employers to help educate their employees on cost-effective medical options that optimize care outcomes and provide a superior experience. He brings years of advocating for customers in multiple industries to NOVO Health clients and their families. Matt believes high-quality care is best guided by high-quality information, transparency and responsiveness.

NOVO Health

Chapter I

The Beginning

Motivated by its physician-owners to offer patients a clearly better experience than they were used to, the group reached out to employers with a bold plan: to provide priority access to top orthopedic providers who could deliver quality outcomes at competitive prices.

Ch. 2

The Delivery

And deliver they did, with sets of aggregated medical services, or bundles, that provided fixed prices and single bills for transparent, high-quality care.


The Experiment

The experiment and subsequent success of the orthopedic program inspired the collaboration of other independent specialists to expand the scope of services to meet the needs of employers.



Will it Work?

If it worked for orthopedics, why not spine, cardiac services, imaging, primary care, or any other specialty?


The Birth of NOVO Health

Providers desiring a better way to serve their patients wanted in, and so NOVO Health was born. It would be the strategic connector for employers, providers and patients. And through word of mouth, what began as a local solution for area employers began to grow.


Ch. 6

Word of Mouth

Employers partnering with NOVO Health shared their success stories with other employers – the savings realized, outcomes achieved, employees satisfied. Employees spoke to family, friends and co-workers of their health care experiences, and how they were finally done right.

Ch. 7


Independent providers maintained their autonomy and practiced medicine in the manner that first brought them the profession. The groundswell could not be stopped; it was organic, real, based on being beneficial for all.


Ch. 8

The Evolution

The NOVO Health market continues to evolve, making new connections based on the needs of the people, businesses, and communities who come to our platform. We require only your willingness to share your input in order for all of us to gain greater control over the things that matter. Health care is just the beginning.

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