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NOVO Health Market

What's in the NOVO Health Market?

The NOVO Health Market is the platform we built to do business together. Find successful solutions created or recommended by trusted neighbors. Recommend a solution or sell your own.

NOVO Health Market

What’s in the NOVO Health Market?

The NOVO Health Market is a digital space where you can purchase health care services and offer your services to the NOVO Health community. Explore all of your options below!

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NOVO Health Programs

NOVO Health programs are developed and delivered by collaborative teams of NOVO Health Partners specifically for our Market.

Bundled Payment Program for Health Services — Self-Insured

Bundled Payment Program For Health Services Travel

Surgery Center Development

Shared Real Estate Arrangements

On-site/Near-site Specialty Health Services Staffing

Bundled Payment Program for Workers’ Compensation Health Services

Data Analytics Program Development

Value-Based Care Program

Bundled Payment Program for Health Services — Commercial Insurance

Community Recommended Programs

Community Recommended programs are developed and offered by a NOVO Health Partner and have been recommended by at least one other NOVO Health Partner based on real-life success.

Financial Services

Accounting & Advising Services

Construction Services

Health Imaging

Trademark Application and Intellectual Property Review

Fork Farms

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