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A New Day in Health Care Re-Imagined with American Ingenuity

NOVO Health redesigned health care to work for Providers, Employers, and Employees.

Returning the American dream for ALL by providing the most efficient way to directly connect local health care providers, business owners, and their employees via NOVO Health’s intuitive market, which empowers groups to save together, grow together and achieve goals together.

A New Day in Health Care

Re-Imagined with American Ingenuity

Taking control with our community of health care professionals, employers, and their employees.

Corporate health care giants have crushed our budgets

NOVO Health Flips the Model

Vertical Integration and industry consolidation has eliminated competition in health care, allowing costs to dramatically increase. Incumbents profit from every aspect of the current model, which leads to Health care bullying – systems and insurers crack down on independent solutions.

Our programs empower you to direct your dollars to organizations that share your values, returning the savings to every individual participating rather than lining the pockets of giant corporations.

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Selling, shopping and saving easier than ever

The NOVO Health Model Empowers:

  • Independent health care providers to sell directly to community businesses
  • Employers to save thousands of dollars in medical costs
  • Employees to keep money in their pocket for becoming wise consumers of health care

The NOVO Health Market

Check out these savings! 

Our Bundled Payment Program for Health Services features the same bundled prices at all locations with every participating NOVO Health provider.

Achieve the lifestyle you’ve wanted, funded by your health care dollars spent more wisely, locally and with those you trust.


NOVO Health Market

Whether you choose to offer services or purchase services, the benefits accrue to you.

Join the Movement

NOVO Health’s innovative programs strengthen communities. See how easy it is to supercharge your community impact when you partner with NOVO Health.

Health care should be accessible and affordable…because higher quality health care actually costs less. Faster appointments, proper diagnosis and cost-effective facilities align for a quicker return to lifestyle.

The more you use NOVO Health, the better it gets!

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Join our community

At Plank Industries, savings produced with the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Programs for Health Services have been invested in the companies “whole-person," eight-dimension approach to wellness - all at no additional cost. We know problems in other area of life can lead to accidents through distraction or health problems that show up later. We can’t ignore the rest of the person.

Natasha Plank-OttumPresident and CEO, Plank Enterprises, Inc.

“NOVO Health is on the cutting edge, always thinking about health care and making it better. We’re trying to do the same thing but from the food system perspective. We’re proud to be part of the NOVO Health market.”

Alex TyinkPresident and Founder of ForkFarms

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I went up there, got the MRI and they showed me exactly what they were going to do. I had the procedure, and I have felt great since. I think about playing ball again. My wife says it’s been a night and day difference.”

Mike Schaefer, PatientMayville Engineering Co.

Share your solution

Share your solution

Share your solution

Share your solution

Share your solution

Improve our community

Improve our community

Improve our community

Improve our community

Improve our community

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