NOVO Live – The Podcast features con­versations with community influencers highlighting innovative, independent solutions in health care NOVO Health CEO Curt Kubiak spends his days talking about creating solutions to today’s health care challenges. He’s inviting you to listen in.  

In June, NOVO Health launched its first ever podcasts series: NOVO Live-The Podcast, a se­ries of conversations with community influencers aimed at sharing practical advice addressing em­ployers’ most pressing health care related con­cerns — delivering, consuming and affording qual­ity health care. 

“The podcast is a logical extension of what we have been doing in our annual conference,” said Kubiak. “It’s about bringing together industry leaders who share a common goal of fixing what is broken in health care.” 

The series invites guests and influencers representing a variety of viewpoints to share their expertise and practical advice to a common problem faced by the broader business community: reducing the overall cost of health care. These are conversations Kubiak has all the time, but now the broader commu­nity gets to listen in. 

The first podcast debuted June 9 and featured Sarah-Beth Janssen to discuss practical ideas for engaging internal benefit champions and help employees better understand and execute the benefit plan to drive down the cost of health care. Janssen is Strategic Risk Advisor for Mc­Clone, the Menasha, Wis.-based risk management partner specializing in business insurance, employee benefits and HR solutions. Janssen advises the Orthopedic & Sports Institute, a founding partner of NOVO Health. 

The monthly podcast will be made available on the NOVO Health web­site at

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

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