Everybody talks. It’s not just a popular song by Neon Trees, but a good observation of the current situation in our broader culture. There is no shortage of conversations, and the volume seems to be growing exponentially.

Before the wall of sound overwhelms us all, there are two import­ant questions that need to be answered: Are we talking about the right things? Is anyone listening?

Those questions — and their answers — go together and are among the top challenges we have wrestled with as we work with employers, brokers, health care provider and others to deliver quality health care that is both accessible and affordable.

We are all for having a conversation. We just want to make sure it’s helpful and that the right folks are getting the information they need. That’s the premise behind two new outreach programs we have launched here at NOVO Health: NOVO Live — The Podcast and the NOVO Health Employee Engagement Program.

NOVO Live — The Podcast, grew out of the programming we created during our 5 Steps to Health Care Independence event this past May. As we listened to those conversations taking place, we quickly realized we needed to have them more regularly and get them not only to more peo­ple, but to the people who needed the information. We launched our first podcast in June and will roll them out monthly at first, covering a range of topics of interest to employers, providers and the broader community. For details, check out the story on page 10.

The EEP is a bit more targeted. Initially developed by Paul Johnson, our VP of Business Development, this program is targeted to those re­sponsible for implementing the Bundled Payment Program for Health Care Services. In short, it’s a tool kit of resources to help these folks engage employees in the program to improve awareness and utilization. Those folks were telling us they needed help, and we think we have pro­duced a good response that we will continue to upgrade as we learn the tools that work best.

The first EEP programs rolled out earlier this year and we are closely tracking what we learn, and we will share it with you.

Those are productive conversations. Let’s keep having them.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

Editor/Publisher NOVO Live, Public Relations Manager, NOVO Health, (920) 851-1170, sean.johnson@novohealth.com

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