NOVO Health Program for Shared Real Estate Arrangements 

NOVO Health Partners are always looking for efficiency and other benefits that come with collaboration, and real estate is no exception. We have experience with multiple space-sharing models and have facilitated multiple space-sharing arrangements among NOVO Health Partners.

How does this work?

Maybe you need help finding potential partners to share spaceMaybe you’d benefit from talking with NOVO Health Partners about models they have successfully implemented and learning more about possible structures for your collaboration.  

Past projects have ranged from making introductions to subject matter consultation, to assisting collaborating companies in establishing a real estate holding company. 

Whatever your idea, the NOVO Health community is here to support you.

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Providing Employers with Power

NOVO Health Partners interested in sharing space with other NOVO Health Partners.

Companies who collaborate and share space can often grow their business faster and more profitably. 

Investing in Providers

Multiple physician groups in different specialties wanted to open outreach clinics in the same city.  Through NOVO Health, they joined efforts and established a single clinic.  By rotating clinic hours, the were able to bring more accessible specialty care options to town, while the efficiencies of sharing the space kept costs low for employers and patients. 

Empowering the Community

Not just for health care providers, this Program can connect and coordinate projects among NOVO Health providers in a variety of industries.  Communities see economic development, including new jobs, together with more accessible services and products. Cost-efficiency can be passed on to the purchasers. Whether your idea for collaboration directly results in better health care or simply frees up resources to help you invest in the health of your people, business and community, we would love to hear from you. When you’re looking for progressive thinking business leaders to collaborate, consider the power of connecting through the NOVO Health community! 

How to Get Involved

Connect with us and complete an intake form to tell us more about your needs and ideas. Together we can achieve more!


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