Outcomes – a look at the patient experience with NOVO Health 

With a bit of inside knowl­edge, Becky Patt was able to take advantage of a powerful bundled health care program in the benefits plan of­fered by her employer.  

A medical coder for the Surgery Center at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI), Patt is very aware of the con­cept of bundled procedures and their potential to simplify the patient experience. It’s part of her job to process orthopedic bundles for OSI, one of the founding members of NOVO Health, for companies opting to use the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Health Care.  

Bundling Episodes of Care 

For the uninitiated, a “bundle” provides a set of services encompassing an episode of care and presents those in a single, under­standable bill. Some plans also include an em-ployer-paid incentive.  

When Patt realized that NOVO Health was part of her own benefits plan at OSI, she dis­covered specialties beyond orthopedics and a wide-ranging list of procedures, including breast reduction.  

“That got me thinking very quickly about the challenges I faced,” said Patt. There was back pain. Trouble sleeping at night. A lack of comfort when working out. “I would lose weight,” Patt said, “but I wouldn’t lose it where I wanted to lose it.”  

Finding a Specialist  

Step one was to set up a consultation with a NOVO Health provider, in this case Dr. Todd Van Ye of The Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. Through Patt’s job, she knew NOVO Health providers voluntarily meet extra quality standards.  

“I knew NOVO works with notable physi­cians, that they have great trust in their work, and that definitely helped in my decision-mak­ing,” said Patt. “And once I met Dr. Van Ye, it was a done deal.”  

Breast reduction surgery is a very common procedure for Van Ye at The Center. Many women suffer years of pain and discomfort be­fore they seek the procedure to reduce the size of breasts that are too big for their body type.  

Focus on the Patient Experience 

Patt’s parents were there with her on the day of her surgery, and of course they had questions, concerns. They were consistently reassured by Van Ye’s staff, who let them know their daughter’s doctor is a leader in his field.  

Patt was able to go home an hour after her surgery, needing only minimal pain medica­tions and directions to take it easy for a while.  

With the ability to sleep much better at night and a number of other positives, Patt reports she’s extremely happy with the results of her procedure.  

One of those positives was the NOVO Health process.  

“Claims were taken care of quickly, and the incentive I received from my employer for having the procedure done at a NOVO Health Center of Excellence covered my deductible,” Patt said.  

Back to Lifestyle 

Most importantly, Patt is feeling great.  

The nagging pain in her back, neck and shoulders that was constantly present – and more noticeable when doing activities – is a thing of the past. Minus the tension and dis­comfort that accompanied literally every work­out, Patt is reaping the benefits of her fitness routines and having a blast.  

There’s something else, too.  

“People now see me before my chest,” said Patt. “I’m much more confident as a result.”  

Patt adds one more bonus from her life-changing surgery. “It’s awesome being able to wear clothes that fit.” 

Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson is a writer and content creator for NOVO Health.

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