NOVO Health

Value-Based Care Program

NOVO Health brings a multi-disciplinary team to assist independent physicians and other groups in the transition to a value-based care solution that is supported by your team, your contracts and your technology.

With value-based care, providers and patients benefit from quality care that improves health and quality of life using evidence-based measures. The NOVO Health VBC program:

Creates a payer-agnostic strategy reducing per capita cost of care

Enhances the medical loss ratio and transitions risk across the value continuum

Transforms organizational culture and provides on-going tools for improvement

Strengthens patient panel development, compliance and management

Strategic Suppliers

The Strategic Suppliers in this program are professionals from multiple industries so that your processes are designed to incorporate the payer, provider and patient perspectives from the start. Connect with physicians who have successfully transformed their organization to value-based care and enhanced both financial performance and patient care. Each brings a unique perspective to your patient panel and organizational goals.

A comprehensive approach that works for you

Connect with an experienced multi-disciplinary team ready to assist you every step of the way, from patient experience and organizational culture assessments to operational workflow enhancements, contract evaluations and negotiations to supportive technology infrastructure.

How to Get Involved

Health and medical providers and facilities interested in participating in the NOVO Health Value-Based Care program should complete our Provider Intake Form.
Our team will analyze your information and respond with the best way to integrate the NOVO Health Value-Based care program into your practice.
A complete intake form gives our team the information needed to make the best recommendations about how to participate in this program.

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