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Remove the burdensome costs

Health care currently comprises 20 percent of GDP and is burdened by legacy costs, difficulty in access and navigation, average quality and perhaps worst of all – no motivation to change.

NOVO Health is selecting the providers you trust and connecting them with employers to form a health care community that empowers users with better access to higher quality and lower cost health care.

The NOVO Health model:

  • Preserves local resources in your local community
  • Supports independent health care providers and their businesses
  • Showcases solutions proven by companies you trust
The platform continues to deliver cost savings to the community every year and increasingly over time 

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NOVO Health Benefits Everyone Who Participates

For Individuals

Employees can access health care when they need it at far lower cost. 

Not only can employees access high-quality care at a lower cost, but many employers also reward them with incentives to making wise consumer choices.

Employees reinvest health care savings into to family vacations, college savings, or that place by the lake  – improving both their health and their overall quality of life.

For Businesses

Employers can take better care of employees with higher wages and better health benefits. 

In addition to providing more robust wages and benefits, health care savings can be reinvested into to new equipment or a facility expansion.

The company’s bottom line improves, securing its future as a an employer and supporter of the community.  

For Communities

NOVO Health provides a platform for every community to access significantly lower cost healthcare.

The NOVO Health model returns savings to every individual participating, rather than lining the pockets of corporate giants. That means more money available both individuals and businesses can reinvest new community amenities such as  a community arts space, public pool or walking and biking trails.

Create a local health care community that saves together, grows together and builds dreams together.   

Achieve the lifestyle you’ve wanted, funded by your healthcare dollars spent more wisely, locally, with those you trust.

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