For more than a decade, NOVO Health’s Annual Event has been an empowering, must-attend event for those seeking to understand the latest independent solutions for business and health care.

The 2021 event is different.

If you’re ready to move from thoughts to actions, sign on to be part of the 2021 NOVO Health Event and join the movement. 

5 challenges. 5 steps to change. Building block simple. 

May 14, 2021, 2 pm

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The knowledge you gain at NOVO Health’s 2021 Event will empower you to take steps immediately to improve health care for your workforce.


Our experts will have compelling information for everyone to hear, but it is your story and your experience that provide the best guide for your peers.


Whether you have already launched new cost-saving programs for your benefits plan, or are considering new initiatives, you will gain practical steps to engage your employees and improve your results.

Our 2021 Presenters

Curt Kubiak, Steve Tyink and Craig Dickman will challenge you to think differently in conversations about innovation and its importance to keeping your company and your workforce vibrant. Kubiak and Tyink will introduce you to NOVO Health’s latest innovation, the 5 Steps to Health Care Independence – an employee engagement process will empower you and your team to deliver high quality care at affordable prices, freeing up resources to invest in people, companies and your commuity.

Curt Kubiak

Steve Tyink

Craig Dickman

Brian Rasmussen

Team Member Headshot of Angela for NOVO Health

Angela Rust

Countdown to 5 Steps to Health Care Independence