We all can afford the American Dream if we spend wisely

Make Life Worth Living

Why can’t we get ahead?

Health care is burdened with costs that we all end up paying for, like new buildings and the bureaucracies that fill them. Both are difficult, sometimes impossible, to navigate. Worse yet? There is no motive to change!

Our solution removes the barriers preventing us from getting what we need: access to high-quality, affordable health care. Our solution doesn’t bend the cost curve; it breaks it!

We’ve eliminated the expensive extras and hand-selected trusted providers, connecting them with employers to form a health care community that values doing things the right way.  

 We designed NOVO Health so our families could use it; we know you’ll want to use it, too. 

The NOVO Health model:

  • Preserves local resources in your local community
  • Supports independent health care providers and their businesses
  • Showcases solutions proven by companies you trust
Our platform has delivered cost savings to the community in every year of its existence. Patients love the experience.

NOVO Health Benefits Everyone Who Participates

For Individuals

Employees have access to affordable health care when they need it

Many employers reward employees with incentives for making wise consumer choices.

Employees can use health care savings for family vacations, college savings, or that place by the lake. 

For Businesses

Employers can take better care of employees with higher wages and better health benefits. 

Health care savings can be reinvestedinto new equipment or a facility expansion.

The company’s bottom line improves, securing its future as an employer and supporter of the community.  

For Providers

Independent providers maintain the freedom to practice medicine the way you have always envisioned. 

You can generate more revenue with affordable rates because there are no legacy costs to cover. 

Providers are free to invest in facilities and services their patients want, expanding reach and further supporting community health.

For Communities

NOVO Health provides a platform for every community to access significantly lower cost health care.

Savings returned to individuals and businesses result innew community amenities – a community arts space, public pool or walking trails. 

Create a local health care community that saves together, grows together and builds dreams together.  

Achieve the lifestyle you’ve wanted, funded by your health care dollars spent more wisely, locally, with those you trust.

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