How does a bundle work?

A health care bundle is a prepackaged set of health care services related to the treatment of a patient for an episode of care.

A bundle has a single bill and a set price tag up front. 

Each bundle costs the same – no matter which participating providers and locations the patient chooses. 

Bundles include a 90-day limited warranty – see Program Terms for details.

Care is delivered at provider-owned clinics and outpatient facilities focused on specialty care.

Appointments available within 48 hours, if medically appropriate.*

This program adds to an existing health plan and can be added throughout the benefit year.

Employers share a portion of their savings with employees who choose to participate.

Employers pay a flat rate management fee to NOVO Health each time they use a bundle, with no upfront costs.  

* If providers can give better care with medical records that take longer to gather, they will let the patient know that right away.