Trademark Application & Intellectual Property Review

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  • Innovative companies of all sizes and industries who want to better protect their intellectual property such as logos, taglines, slogans, for the products and services they offer 

Strategic Suppliers: 

  • Experienced intellectual property attorneys from von Briesen & Roper, S.C., a Wisconsin-based full-service law firm 
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How does this work?

  • Stop worrying about billable hours and ticking clocks.  Your attorney’s time is billed as a flat fee, known in advance.  He or she wants to know your real goals and understand your business.  Take the time to discuss whatever ideas and questions you have, without writing a blank check. 
  • Explain to your attorney what you want to protect with a trademark or service mark (e.g. a marketing slogan, product name, tag-line, or logo) and s/he performs a comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search to check whether any pre-existing marks will be an obstacle to registering your mark 
  • Get a clear explanation of the trademark search results so you know what to expect 
  • Your attorney drafts and files a federal trademark application on your behalf 
  • Your attorney will review other intellectual property you may have, and any existing protection you have secured (such as common law or registered trademarks or service marks), along with any policies, procedures or agreements you have in place on this topic. 
  • Get advice about your existing protections and any risks or opportunities for further protection that have been spotted in the review 

Who benefits?

Predictable Protection

Innovative companies and employers receive protection of their intellectual property such as logos, taglines, slogans with reliable service and predictable pricing.

Protecting Our Innovators

Companies in the NOVO Health community are innovators, agile first-movers and leaders in their industries. This program makes it simple to protect your valuable intellectual property, with accessibility, quality and cost-efficiency you’ve come to expect from bundled programs in the NOVO Health Market. 

How to Get Involved

Complete an intake form.

This is important so your attorney can run a “conflict search” that is important to avoid conflicts of interest and follow all ethics rules for attorneys. You will also be asked to agree to keep all pricing and sensitive information confidential and let us know how you prefer to be contacted.

You will be contacted within two business days with additional details, including an engagement letter spelling out the details of the program for you to consider.


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