NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Health Care Services

A health care bundle is a prepackaged set of health care services related to the treatment of a patient for an episode of care.

Who is this for?


  • Employers and employees with company health benefits through self-funded health plans.

(Fully insured? Learn about health care bundles for commercially insured health plans here.)

Strategic Suppliers:

  • Independent health care providers and the clinics and facilities they own. All physicians are board certified, and all facilities are nationally accredited.
  • Innovation Alliance is a clinically and financially integrated independent practice association made up of the providers participating in this program.

How does this work?

A health care bundle is a prepackaged set of health care services related to the treatment of a patient for an episode of care.

A bundle has a single bill and a set price tag up front.  


Each bundle costs the same – no matter which participating providers and locations the patient chooses. 


Bundles include a 90-day limited warranty – see Program Terms for details. 


Care is delivered at provider-owned clinics and outpatient facilities focused on specialty care. 


Patients are seen within 48 hours, if medically appropriate.*  


This program adds to an existing health plan and can be added throughout the benefit year.  


Employers share a portion of their savings with employees who choose to participate.  


Employers pay a flat rate management fee to NOVO Health each time they use a bundle, with no upfront costs.  


* If providers can give better care with medical records that take longer to gather, they will let the patient know that right away. 

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Empowering Employees

Employees share directly in their employer’s cost savings, get faster access to specialists, a predictable, patient-oriented experience, and most importantly – top quality care.

Providing Employers with Encouragement

Employers spend less on health care performed at cost-efficient outpatient facilities and benefit from predictable pricing and a faster return to work for their employees.

Investing in Providers

Providers distinguish themselves from the competition, build relationships with other independent providers and employers, and gain a source of patients paying sustainable rates that are not dependent on corporate giant health systems or insurance companies.

Empowering the Community

Communities benefit as employers and provider-owned companies grow and create jobs, invest their savings/earnings in community development projects, and employees return to active live styles with sufficient funds to support participation in local shopping, dining and community events. Community benefits are particularly strong when school districts, municipalities, policy/fire departments, and other community service organizations can use the program to redirect a portion of their historic health care spend to hiring top talent, offering strong programming, and taking on new projects.

How to Get Involved

To learn how to add the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program to your company's benefits package, please complete the online Intake Form.
Once completed, your information will be analyzed by our team and we will respond with the best way to install the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program with your benefits package.
If you are a provider interested in providing medical services in the Bundled Payment Program, please complete our Provider Intake Form.
Completing an intake form as an employer or provide will give our team the information we need to make the best recommendations about how to participate in this program.

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