A New Day in Health Care Re-Imagined with American Ingenuity

NOVO Health redesigned health care to work for Providers, Employers, and Employees.

Returning the American dream for ALL by providing the most efficient way to directly connect local health care providers, business owners, and their employees via NOVO Health’s intuitive market, which empowers groups to save together, grow together and achieve goals together.

A New Day in Health Care

Re-Imagined with American Ingenuity

NOVO Health’s platform shines light through the health care delivery wasteland.

NOVO Health

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Take control of your health care experience.
Every day, we’re working hard to make this easier.

With one call or one touch on the NOVO Health app, connect with us to select accessible, affordable quality health care. This is how it should be.

  • Choose your provider and get priority access to services
  • Let Care Navigation get you scheduled right away
  • Receive only one bill for your bundled services
  • Earn an incentive from your employer (based on plan design)

The first step is easy – just download the NOVO Health app!  Or, give our Care Navigation team a call at (833) 361-6686 or (920) 560-1113..

Already downloaded the app and scheduled an appointment? Use our online disclosure form to access incentives your employer may offer. (Incentives dependent on plan design.)

A healthy you is the best result for all

To get you on the fast track, we package the services of your physician, the surgery center, anesthesia, and sometimes other services (depending on what you need) into a bundle. Your company saves money, and many companies share a portion of their savings as an incentive for employees who choose NOVO Health.

Convenient, Quality Care. When you need it. 1:57

How to use NOVO Health – A quick start guide to easily access high-quality care when you need it.

Care Navigation 1:13

Care Coordinator Teri Jones explains the simplicity of the NOVO Health experience for patients who select a NOVO Health provider.

The Patient Journey 2:33

Dan Strathman of Omni Glass & Paint describes his experience using NOVO Health’s Bundled Payment Program for Specialty Health Services to address his knee pain.

Welcome! 4:39

Welcome to the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Specialty Health Services. Watch this video to master our one-click solutions for you to access the care you want when you need it.

This guide lists the procedures that are part of the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Specialty Health Care. Depending on your company’s plan, you may be eligible for an incentive by choosing a bundle through NOVO Health.

Download the guide

Our one-page PDF explains how the Bundled Payment Program for Specialty Health Care works and how you can access it today.

Download the PDF

5-simple ways NOVO Health makes your health care journey easier.

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Learn more about the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program

What is a bundle?

A “bundle” is the related medical services for the physician, the surgery center, anesthesia and physical therapy packaged together for an episode of care. The price of the bundle is known in advance and is the same irrespective of provider or location. A 90-day post-op limited warranty is included.

Will my procedure qualify as a bundle?

The NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Health Services was designed to include the most common procedures performed by our participating providers. We are regularly adding new bundles, but not all care is available in a bundled format. If your care cannot be bundled, choosing a NOVO Health participating provider still gives you peace of mind you are receiving care from a top-quality provider whose cost-efficiency can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses in comparison to other market alternatives. Questions regarding whether your care can be bundled should be directed to Care Navigation at (833) 361-6686.

How do I access NOVO Health?

NOVO Health has a dedicated hotline for patients interested in learning more about the program, finding a participating provider, or scheduling an appointment. The phone number is (833) 361-6686. Another great place to start is the NOVO Health mobile app, which features videos and other materials you can use to explore your options any time that’s convenient for you. The app can also be used to reach out to Care Navigation with questions, or to schedule an appointment.

Why have I received a bill from a provider that I believe should have been included as part of the bundle?

In general, the NOVO Health bundle begins on the date of the surgery or procedure and continues for 90 days. This allows us to package care needed for recovery into the same bundle. It is possible that you may receive services within 90 days that are not included in the bundle. Examples of this would include care provided to you by a health care provider who does not participate in the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Health Services, or care that is for an injury or condition unrelated to the bundled surgery or procedure. If you receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier, or a bill from a provider that you believe was in error, please contact Care Navigation at (833) 361-6686.

Can I use my secondary coverage for a bundled procedure? What if I have secondary coverage through a state or federal program (government payer) such as Medicare or Medicaid?

For you to use the NOVO Bundled Payment Program for Health Services, your health plan (whether primary or secondary) must agree to work with NOVO Health. If the health plan that provides your secondary coverage has agreed to work with us, and your primary coverage is not available, your secondary coverage may be used. If not, your secondary coverage will not be available. If secondary coverage would be expected to cover a portion of your procedure, we can work with you and your health plans to better understand your options, but most often using your primary coverage to obtain a bundle will still be worthwhile. If you have secondary coverage through a state or federal program, special rules and limitations may apply to comply with state and federal law. This program is not sponsored by, or offered in connection with, any state or federal government program. Please contact Care Navigation at (833) 361-6686 to discuss your coverage and learn how to best use this program in connection with your health benefits plan(s).

Will my provider discuss details regarding the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program?

Your provider is focused on delivering the best medical care possible, and though they may have knowledge regarding the NOVO Health Bundled Payment Program for Health Services, any questions related to the program should be directed to Care Navigation at (833) 361-6686. Bundles involve coordinated care among multiple providers, and our Care Navigation team is familiar with the entire process and experience.

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